mast have BY FONATSCH - the digital mast


More and more people are living in cities - the process of urbanisation is unstoppable. Sustainable development is required to ensure a good quality of life despite increased energy demand and pollution. Technological innovation is needed, especially in the areas of communication, information, sustainability, security and transport. A Smart City can be compared to a sustainable ecosystem. It is strategically planned to save energy, reduce emissions and switch to renewable energy. An integral part of any Smart Street is the digital mast  "mast have BY FONATSCH". The centrerpiece of the mast is a control unit that processes the various data inputs and outputs and passes them on to the respective user. Data transfer is possible in both directions. The control unit aggregates the data and transmits the information to the relevant parties such as local authorities, luminaire manufacturers, energy suppliers or the police.

This digital mast is manufactured of aluminium with a RAL coating.
Maximum LPH of 9.0 m
Mast diameter 200 mm

The innovative core of this multifunctional support structure lies in the three vertical 'grooves' into which the 'features' are simply fitted without any major assembly work. Each digital mast can be individually and modularly configured for themes such as "lighting and safety", "information and traffic management", "added value and charging station" or "autonomous driving and renewable energy".




Light point height:

9,0 m

More information:

- This mast is manufactured from aluminium with a RAL coating
- The mast diameter is 200 mm
- At the core of the supporting structure, there are three vertical "grooves" to which all the modular extension "features" can be easily attached without major assembly work





This multifunctional, digital support structure can be individually configured for your installation site. Here you will find an overview of all possible functions.

Lightning and Security

  • Energy saving lightning (PV storage)
  • Energy self-sufficient lightning
  • On-demand networked lightning
  • Ambient lightning

Security & Safety

  • Blue light/acoustic sensor with controlled lightning
  • Video surveillance
  • SOS emergency button
  • Loudspeaker
  • Emergency lightning in case of power failure
  • Radar (speed measurement)
  • LED safety strips for pedestrian crossings
  • Heart Defibrillator
  • "Smiley" speed board
  • Traffic Information


  • WLAN
  • Digital information board
  • Environmental and weather data collection
  • Digital passenger information displays

Traffic management

  • Traffic management / Guidance
  • Traffic Density measurement / Counting
  • Car Park Management
  • Information signs / road signs
  • Signalling systems, Traffic lights
  • Variable message signs
  • Level 5 autonomous vehicle support sensors

Charging station

  • E-cars
  • E-bikes, E-scooter
  • for mobile phones
  • for drones

Added value / Feature +

  • Antenna point for 5G / loRa
  • Digital citylight / advertising
  • Intelligent waste bin
  • Christmas lightning
  • Cooling (high pressure fogging)
  • Smart metering

Autonomous driving / Sensors

  • for autonomous cars Level 5
  • for autonomous city buses
  • for autonomous drones
  • for signaling system

Renewable energy

  • Photovoltaic mast system
  • Autonomous lightning
  • Autonomous citylights
  • Autonomous digital passenger information displays