Straight poles | Conical round aluminium

This timeless and durable lighting pole is made from high quality round aluminium tubes. Polished and anodized.

These poles are equipped with a flush-mounted mast door with an internal device bridge for the mast fuse box as well as an internal earthing connection and an HDPE-grounding piece.

Each aluminium pole is individually designed for your installation site. This lightning pole is suitable for almost all commercially available luminaires. Care must be taken to select the correct attachment socket for the luminaire. Each lightning pole is weather-resistant thanks to its anodized finish and HDPE base and can be coated in RAL or DB colors on request.

As the manufacturer, Fonatsch GmbH is in possession of all necessary quality certificates.

Light point height:
3,5 m – 9,0 m


  • Made of high quality aluminium tubes, conical round
  • Flush-mounted mast door with internal device bar for cable junction box
  • Door lock with M8/A2 stainless steel screw
  • Internal earthing connection with M8/A2 stainless steel screw
  • Double cable entry, 180° offset, 150 x 50 mm
  • HDPE earthing piece (high resistance to "stray current corrosion")
  • Anodized in A6/C0
  • Pole construction in accordaüce to EN 40-6, CE certified in accordance with DIN EN 1090
  • Additional coating in RAL and DB colors of your choice possible
  • Version with flange plate and anchor basket on request


Suitable for mounting all commercially available luminaries, attachments and floodlight brackets

Further information will soon be available for download here:

Technical description
Specification texts
Reference Images 

Type LPH (m) E (m) D1 (mm) D2 (mm) Weight (kg) Technical
NALK035-76 3,5 0,8 114 76 12,2 PDF
NALK040-76 4,0 0,8 114 76 13,4 PDF
NALK045-76 4,5 0,8 114 76 14,6 PDF
NALK050-76 5,0 0,8 120 76



NALK060-76 6,0 1,0 120 76 22,2 PDF
NALK070-76 7,0 1,2 135 76 28,3 PDF
NALK080-76 8,0 1,2 165 76 38,0 PDF
NALK090-76 9,0 1,5 165 76 43,0 PDF


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