infrastructure & transport

Cities are facing growing challenges due to increased traffic volumes, congestion, environmental pollution and increased energy requirements, as the process of urbanisation cannot be stopped. Sustainable developments are needed and technical innovations are required, particularly in the areas of communication, information, security and transport. The increasing scope of digitalization also offers a wide range of solutions and new networking opportunities. Our Fonatsch response to this is  "mast have BY FONATSCH" - the intelligent, digital mast - which could be of particular interest to transport planners. With the multifunctional and energy self-sufficient bus shelter of the future, the "station BY FONATSCH", we already offer an innovative solution for cities and municipalities and thus for the users of public transport. For many decades, our family-owned company has been producing lighting masts, traffic signalling systems, multifunctional supporting structures and self-sufficient pole solutions for the road transport sector. Our passion is to create exceptional customised solutions using high-quality materials.